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The sale information being made available to you through this website is displayed as a courtesy only and each person obtaining information from this website will be bound by this disclaimer. Innovative Field Services is under no obligation to provide information regarding a particular sale at any time prior to announcing the opening bid at the sale site. We reserve the right to discontinue providing the information at any time without notice and to impose limitations on access or information.

We make no warranties or guarantees of any kind with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this website. This information is subject to change at anytime. It will be necessary for you to attend all sales in order to obtain the most current information. Neither Innovative Field Services, their clients or their agents will be liable for any loss or damages or any kind, including but not limited to claims for loss of profits, investments, savings, incidental or consequential damages arising from viewing or using this information. All access and use is at the risk of the user, If you agree to these terms, continue to search for the information.

“For foreclosure sale auctions conducted on or after January 1, 2021 with respect to properties containing from one to four residential units, the post-auction bid process described in Civil Code section 2924m may apply. Pursuant to the Civil Code, if you think you may qualify as an “eligible tenant buyer” or “eligible bidder,” you should consider contacting an attorney or appropriate real estate professional immediately for advice regarding the potential right to purchase. All bidders at a sale of property subject to Civil Code section 2924m should be aware that there is the potential for the sale auction bidding process to be extended for up to 45 days following the sale auction, and Civil Code section 2924m does not require payment of interest on any bid funds remitted to the foreclosure trustee during the time funds are held by the foreclosure trustee.”

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Select any filter and click on Apply to see results